Master Marco Sies, author of The Master Method, is a 7-time
professional kickboxing world champion, 7th degree black belt
martial arts grandmaster, and a successful business owner and
entrepreneur. He is a two-time inductee into the Hall of
Fame—first in 2002 as a legend in kickboxing by The World Karate
Ratings, and then in 2008 at Madison Square Garden, where he
was honored by the World Professional Martial Arts Association
as a Master Instructor of the Year.
Presently, Master Marco runs a very successful martial arts studio
in Montgomery County, Maryland, USA. In addition, he oversees
several other businesses, including international franchises and a
promotional company.
Master Marco was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. He
speaks candidly about his humble beginnings and struggles
growing up, but he remembers fondly his adventures and fun
times with his two brothers, especially his “fishing mate” younger
brother, Jimmy. They grew up with the Andes Mountains as their
backyard, where they played and went fishing surrounded by
breath-taking nature.
At a very young age, Master Marco was fascinated by the
universe and how the mind works. As a teenager, he formally
studied philosophy in Santiago for several years, where he
studied the wisdom of the most influential ancient masters and
teachers in history. These studies led him on a wonderful
journey of self-discovery, and positively shaped his way of
thinking. He realized through his studies, there was a pattern to
success that has spanned over thousands of years.
Master Marco struggled for a while growing up, having to work
many jobs to pay for his training. At the age of eighteen, he
became the Chilean National Champion, but his sights were
set on an even bigger goal--the world championship title. At
the age of twenty-one he left Chile and came to America to
pursue his dream of becoming the kickboxing champion of the
world, and in the year 2000, his dream came true. After many
years, Master Marco overcame challenges such as
injuries, poverty and even homelessness,  using the steps he
writes about in his book, The Master Method. He achieved his
dream of becoming a world champion, not just once, but SEVEN TIMES.
In addition, he has achieved great success in ALL areas of his
life: finances, career, relationships, health, and inner peace.
 Master Marco says, “I have created all of my successes
because I have been following the steps of The Master Method
for years. Now, I truly want to share this method with others, so
they too can create their own wonderful lives filled with
success, prosperity and peace.”
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